Zac and Roslyn are ENGAGED!

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I have been meaning to post this for a while but I have been working on getting the site up and running!  Welcome to the Zac and blog.  I will be using this blog to post updates pertaining to our wedding.


Lets start this show off with a bang.  Here is the video of me proposing to Roslyn at the 1st ever “Survive Johnson City”.  This was a HUGE game of zombie tag and was definitely worth the 1 and a half hour drive up to Johnson City.


Zac proposing to Roslyn at Survive Johnson City


This whole night was being planned for over 2 months by me.  I coordinated with Roslyn’s sister, Kirsten, to pull off everything.  I got a good idea of what type of ring Roslyn would like and started shopping around.  I could only do it while she was at work of course so I didn’t have a ton of time during the week to look.


I checked out two different ring stores.  I had asked around work for the best places to go.  Dan Thompson HIGHLY recommended Markman’s Jewelersso I decided to go there first.  I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into.  There were so many things to learn!  Luckily, as soon as I walked in the door, Art (awesome guy and very helpful) called me over and taught me the basics of diamond shopping. 


I knew that I wanted a special diamond, not something you see every day.   imageRoslyn really likes colored stones so I knew I wanted to include those in the ring somewhere.  When I was first at Markman’s, I really didn’t have a good idea of what the ring would look like.  Kirsten started sending me some good pictures of what types of rings Roslyn looked at when she was in Nashville recently.  I found that she really liked curvy rings with designs on them.  I based my initial search on this information.


I also went to Layman’s Jewelers to search for rings.  I knew I wanted to pick out the band first, then the diamond.  I found a few VERY promising rings in the store and snapped a photo of them on my phone.  The one that I liked the best had a halo that the diamond sat down in and I was planning on alternating sapphires and diamonds inside the halo.  I was not quite as impressed with the diamond selection at Layman’s as they just didn’t have the same shine and fire that Markman’s did.


I decided that I wanted to buy the diamond and band in the same store so I took my pictures back over to Art and told him that I needed him to find something close to this.  He called over Terry and we started looking for a ring that closely matched the one from my picture.

We found one that was absolutely beautiful and it had the same shape as the one I saw at Layman’s Jewelers.  The only difference with this one was the fact that it was covered with diamonds and had 2 big ones right next to the main diamond.  I decided this one would PERFECT so we started planning the layout of the ring.


I decided to replace the 2 big diamonds on the side with sapphires.  Markman’s Jewelers was absolutely fantastic with making sure I got EXACTLY what I wanted.  They brought some small sapphires down to the desk and held them over top of the diamonds so I could see what it would look like.  They even colored on the ring with a blue sharpie!  I went ahead and purchased the ring and they let me know that it would be done in about 3 weeks.


3 weeks later, I was in possession of the ring.  I hid it in my desk at work for a few days until I could move it to the house.  I was able to find a really good hiding spot in one of the drawers in our spare bedroom.  She would never find it bbwwwhahahaha.


Next I started working on a proposal plan.  I knew I wanted it to be something memorable and that synced with our personalities, so I picked the Survive Johnson City game.  It doesn’t get any more Zac and Roslyn than zombies eating pathetic humans Smile.  I worked out all the details with Kirsten so that she would actually be able to be there when I proposed.


I knew I’d have to add a little something extra to the ring so I decided to put it on a zombie finger. You would not believe how hard it is to find a zombie finger in March! I ended up finding a pair of ghoul hands that would be perfect for the job. I took some time and put it into the ring box and made sure everything was ready for the next week.


We got in the car at about 7:00pm and made it up to the game around 8:40pm.  Dan Thompson had volunteered to film the entire proposal!  We had the Albino Bowler as an excuse to why Dan was coming.  Everyone knew what their roles were (I had been preparing everyone at work that was coming to the game).  Then I just had to find the right spot.


We all took a break after we got to the second checkpoint (we were zombies, we lasted about 5 seconds out of each check point).  When we came back from the bathroom break, I gave Dan the signal to hand me the ring.  The rest was caught on film!


Roslyn and I celebrated our engagement on Saturday with breakfast with Kirsten then a Japanese restaurant named Anaba in Knoxville, then drinking champagne!  It was one of the best weekends of my entire life and hope I have many more with her as we grow old together.  A VERY huge thanks goes out to Dan for filming and editing the entire video for us!

I love you, Roslyn!